2019 SPBAA Winners

Sapphire Pegasus Awards honor the elite of business aviation

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards were presented at EBACE. Luxaviation, PrivateFly, Hunt and Palmer and other winners accepted their awards in fifteen categories in Geneva. The Sapphire Pegasus Award is a symbol of gratitude for the superb performance in an industry segment where mediocrity is unacceptable. The Award has been accepted as an asset of its own kind in the industry and already finds worldwide attention. In Europe, the professional business aviation organizations EBAA, BACA, WCA, CEPA and AfBAA are supporting partners of the awards.

We congratulate the award winners and let it be known that receiving a Sapphire Pegasus is a great achievement and recognition of the highest level of excellence.

Wishing you wonderful evening!

Antónia Lukačínová

Sapphire Pegasus Awards Founder

“Emerald Media is delighted to accept this award.  It is especially poignant as it is voted for by our peers, including companies and individuals we have supported over the two and a half decades we have been in business. We are lucky to be in such an exciting, ever-changing industry and we are regularly involved in supporting new initiatives and launches.  Congratulations to Antonia and the team at Sapphire Pegasus for widening out the award categories this year and recognising how diverse the sector is.  I am certain these awards will go from strength to strength.”

Alison Chambers

Emerald Media Ltd.

winner in category Outstanding Communication in Business Aviation

“It is an honor to receive this award. Business Aviation indeed is an important tool to grow the economy of a country.”

Ali Alnaqbi

Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA)

winner in category Outstanding Contribution to Business Aviation

Carol Cork & Adam Twidell


winner in category Broker

Julie Black

Hunt & Palmer

winner in category Woman in Aviation

Howard Guy

Design Q

winner in category Design in Aviation