Sapphire Pegasus Award, the annually held spring gala event, will be postponed this year due to the coronavirus outbreak that has put the world in panic mode. The organizers of the award event are looking forward to meeting and awarding the best performances in the business aviation industry in autumn.

Although there are plans to move the Sapphire Pegasus award to autumn this year, uncertainty is the order of the day. The pattern of the COVID-19 is unforeseeable and unpredictable and Sapphire Pegasus Team is unable to come up with a definite date post the award event’s postpone announcement. The world is saddled by the outbreak and is grappling with the situation. This is a time that calls for congregations of any kind to be avoided.

At the moment, the organizers of the Sapphire Pegasus Award are monitoring the uncertain situation. As soon as reliable ground is gained, an announcement on the exact dates for nominations, voting, winners, and the award event will be made. Those in the business aviation industry who had sent out their nominations to Sapphire Pegasus need not worry – all the nominations that were received till today are accepted and marked as valid for the moved date in the season of autumn of Sapphire Pegasus, when the award event is hoped to take place.

Sapphire Pegasus is confident that their award event for 2020 will be held despite the challenges and uncertainty the coronavirus poses. For now, the certainty remains that the Sapphire Pegasus Award is postponed to a date that is yet to be established or disseminated.

The organizers of Sapphire Pegasus deeply regret the circumstances and the postpone as this is a much-anticipated event that involves a lot of prestigious people in the business aviation industry. They promise to be on their toes and come up with a date soon.