The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are presented to outstanding performances in Business Aviation for last year to companies, teams and individuals that had showed phenomenal performance and attracted the attention of the Awards’ Advisory Board Members. This year, the awards event will be held on 11 June at the Simpson Bay Resort on St. Maarten during Gala Dinner on the Tuesday night of the Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference. There will be a glitzy Award Dinner on which the Awards will be accorded to the prestigious and deserving winners – it will be a star-studded night. This year it will be the third year where the Annual Sapphire Pegasus Awards will take place in the Western Hemisphere.

Cdr. Bud Slabbaert, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Award organization for the Caribbean says, “The Sapphire Pegasus Awards will take place this year at St. Maarten where the inaugural event was also held. Last year, it was the Bahamas because St. Maarten was racked by Hurricanes. Not only the awards are meant to honor the businesses in the aviation industry, but it also serves to thank them for their services and role they play within the field. This year, we will have six recipients who stood because of their performance.”

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards work to select and review individuals and entities within the business aviation industry that have displayed trailblazing activities and excellent track records and honor them accordingly. This encourages inroads within the business aviation field on behalf of organizations and businesspersons. The award is rightfully recognized by the key players in business aviation and by gaining useful experience globally, modifications and improvements will be made where necessary.

The conception of the Award to honor the elite of Business Aviation, as well as the worldwide organization of the events is handled by Media Tribune marketing and PR agency in Prague, Czech Republic. The Sapphire Pegasus Award trophy is created in hours of handmade work by the glass masters of Moser; Moser Bohemian crystal is worldwide unrivalled, same as the glassworks itself and its designers.